If you are interested in volunteering at our shelter location or fostering, the first step toward becoming a volunteer is to attend a Volunteer Orientation session. Volunteer Orientations are held at our adoption center at 6010 West 88th Avenue (88th and Harlan) in Westminster, Colorado.  Bingo volunteers do not need to attend an orientation session, as training is providing on-site at Bingo Oasis.

Because Almost Home is volunteer-based, volunteers and fosters are a vital part of Almost Home Adoptions. We have a team of dedicated volunteers, and we are always happy to have new volunteers join our team.  Our volunteers range in age from 18 to 80.

Upcoming Volunteer/Foster Orientation Dates

Why Volunteer at Almost Home?


Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats is a no-kill, cage-free, nonprofit rescue, adoption center, sanctuary and hospice.  We do not receive government funding (tax dollars) like the municipal shelters do.  We rely on the generosity of private individuals for donations and, because we are volunteer-based, Almost Home depends on a very dedicated group of volunteers.

First and foremost, shelter volunteers are responsible for cleaning the facility.  Lots of litter boxes to scoop and clean, all walls, floors, etc, to be scrubbed daily, loads and loads of laundry, dishes and feedings … all following process and procedures to provide a healthy and happy environment for the cats and kittens.

Additional responsibilities exist after the initial 6-month, 4-hour-per-week commitment is fulfilled (office work, fundraising, building maintenance, IT support, etc.)  Many of our volunteers have been with us for over 6 years, and a few even longer.

Robert&Lucas-DSC_4274This isn’t a come-in-and-pet-kitties thing to do.  The cats need people they can trust and depend on.  If you are one of the exceptional, dependable, hard-working and reliable people who take this volunteer opportunity seriously, then Almost Home is the place for you.  We need people who really care and who want to help animals.

Running a rescue, adoption center, sanctuary, and hospice is lot of hard work.  The feeling of making a difference for these cats and kittens, however, is indescribable.

Can’t commit to a regular weekly volunteer shift? Come help with BINGO!

By volunteering just once a month at our bingo fundraiser, you will help us continue our live-saving work!  Bingo is our largest fundraiser, and is an opportunity for volunteers to make a huge impact.  Just four hours per month will make a difference in so many lives.  Bingo is held on Thursday evenings at Bingo Oasis (10657 Melody Drive, Northglenn, 80234), and the volunteer shift is from 6:15 to 10:00 p.m. We request that you volunteer at least one Thursday per month for at least six months. If you are available to volunteer more than that, we (and the kitties) will be extra appreciative!  No prior bingo experience is needed.  We make sure all volunteers are trained, and the tasks are easy to learn.  Volunteers need to be able walk around for the full shift as they perform their duties.  For more information on volunteering for bingo, please contact us.

Volunteering  Q&A

What are the requirements to volunteer at the shelter?

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and be able to lift 20 pounds.  Volunteers must be able to read written instructions and work semi-independently.

How do I get started?

Attend a Volunteer Orientation.  Our program is rewarding and fun, but demands a significant service-based commitment on your part. Please carefully consider your schedule and your ability to commit your time.

What is my time commitment?

Volunteers keep a regular schedule of 4 hours per week. Your shift will be “fixed” (same time, same day each week). You commit to a minimum of 100 hours of service (a six-month continuous commitment).

May I volunteer more than one shift per week?

Yes.  Many of our volunteers give their time more than once a week, sometimes even in two or more service areas. We are especially interested in recruiting long-term volunteers. Many of our volunteers have been with us for many years and have completed thousands of volunteer hours.

What does a volunteer at Almost Home Adoptions do?

All new volunteers start in the adoption center as Facility Care Assistants and performing facility care including: cleaning cat rooms, changing/scooping litter boxes, feeding the cats, doing laundry, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping. Additional training is required for some volunteer positions.  Open positions and requirements will be posted on the Volunteer Board at the Adoption Center.

What is the harm if I don’t show up for my shift?

First, the volunteers who do show up carry a heavier load by doing 2 jobs at once. Second, by signing up and then not showing up, you are depriving someone else of the opportunity to participate and make a difference.

I only need 20 hours of community service for school. Can I fulfill this requirement at Almost Home Adoptions?

No. We are unable to accommodate community service of any kind.

I have been ordered by a court to do community service. Can I fulfill this requirement at Almost Home Adoptions?

No.  We are unable to accommodate community service of any kind.

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