Love Stories

Every cat and kitten (and even the occasional dog) that finds its way to Almost Home touches our hearts.  The following are a just a few of the over 10,000 kitties that we have helped since our doors opened.


Sony is a very sweet kitten that had a bit of a respiratory virus when he found Almost Home Adoptions.  He was just about over this virus when he developed a rare intestinal problem. Sony needed emergency surgery. He has had about 4 inches of his intestine removed and was very critical for about a week. Sony has totally recovered and is doing great!! This is one reason why Almost Home Adoptions must solicit donations to assist and support these helpless little ones on their road to finding forever homes. Sony would have died without the necessary operations and special care.


Lou Lou

Lou Lou, her mom and her litter mates were very sick and horribly malnourished. She is probably 4 months old and only weighs 1.5 pounds. She should be at least 4 pounds. Lou Lou has difficulty eliminating without daily enemas and laxatives. We are not sure if this is a genetic problem or because she was being starved and didn’t develop correctly. With the help of Jefferson Animal Clinic we have been helping Lou Lou with this problem and she actually seems to be improving. She has a sister, Jenna, which is also in need of extra support care. Hopefully we will be able to help both of them get well and into their forever homes.


Lou Lou


Dreama was brought to us after being found in a window well with her kittens. Someone had burned her head. The hair on her face, forehead and between the ears were missing. All that was left was blackened skin that eventually fell off. Can you imagine how painful this must have been? We are so lucky she found her way to Almost Home. With antibiotics and lots of tender loving care, Dreama recovered and found her forever home. She is known to snuggle up and give wonderful kisses. It is hard to believe she still trusts us after everything she has been through.




Celeste arrived one morning, brought in by a kind stranger who found her underneath a bush in his neighborhood.  He didn’t have a carrier, and she was out in his car and needed some medical attention.  As we went out to look at her, she was just beautiful and sweet as can be.  Doing a quick external survey, she had an open lesion about the size of a golf ball on her right hindquarter.  We decided to get her in to a vet for medical attention and then some TLC.  Before placing her in the carrier we decided to check the sex of the cat, and then the horror began.  The wound actually ran down her hindquarter, around her bottom and onto her belly.  It was a major wound that was infected, oozing pus, and incredibly foul-smelling.  We jumped in the car and drove like crazy for an emergency appointment, thinking that this cat could not possibly recover from such an extensive wound.  We were wrong.  An amazing vet and his staff operated on her multiple times, gave her water therapy on the wound, and gave their all.  This whole time Celeste was calm, loving and endured her treatment with amazing calm.  I think she knew she had used up another life and was going to be safe now.  After a long rehab and recovery time, Celeste went into foster care, and eventually up for adoption.  She was adopted by a loving family and will have a wonderful life.  Here is this amazing cat after her recovery.


Comforted by Kathleen at the emergency vet


The extent of her life-threatening injuries


Celeste was adopted into a forever loving home

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