We are currently looking for responsible, loving foster homes.  Foster care provides cats and kittens with temporary housing until they are ready for adoption. Foster care is particularly helpful for the young, sick, injured, orphaned, juvenile and elderly. These animals do not do well in a shelter situation. Stress decreases their already compromised immune system. Foster caretakers who own other animals need to understand the potential risks of fostering. Cat-owning caretakers fostering cats should make sure their cats have tested negative for feline leukemia and feline aids virus. Both dog and cat owners should have their animals current on vaccinations.


How to Get Started

The first step to becoming a foster is to attend an Orientation Session. Volunteer Orientations are held at our adoption center located at 6010 West 88th Avenue (88th and Harlan) in Westminster, Colorado.  Upon completion Orientation, a home visit will be scheduled to review the foster space and to further review fostering guidelines.

Upcoming Volunteer/Foster Orientation Dates


Tuesday: 11-5:30
Friday: 11-5:30
Saturday & Sunday: 11-4:30
Mon, Wed, Thurs: Closed
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