Found Stray or Orphaned Kittens

If you have found an orphaned kitten or kittens outside, first determine if they look sick or injured. If they do, they may need immediate care. Please take them to a veterinarian, or contact us by phone (303-432-2299) or email, at We will respond to you as soon as possible and let you know how we can help or direct you to resources that can.

If the kittens appear healthy and are in a safe place, leave them be, but monitor to see if mom returns. She may be off hunting, in the process of moving the litter, or simply hiding from you! If mom doesn’t return within a couple of hours, take the kitten(s) into your care and place them in a clean, dry box or carrier. Contact us by email at, and if possible, include any photos you can get of the kitten(s) to help us determine their approximate age and whether they have any urgent health needs. If you are unable to email, call us at (303-432-2299) or and we will respond as soon as possible. You may also contact the other rescues we have listed in our Resources.

In the meantime:

Keep the kitten warm! Do not place it on direct heat, but provide blankets and a space free from drafts. If you have a heating pad, it can be used with a blanket or towel between the kitten and the pad.

Try not to feed it right away! Kittens cannot digest cow’s milk, and aspirate (take fluid into the lungs) very easily, and this is often deadly. Young kittens typically eat every 2-3 hours. If you do have the kitten for this long, formula and bottles can be purchased at a pet supply store. Be very careful when feeding; let the kitten drink at it’s own pace, and never force-feed or squeeze the bottle!

Access online resources! If you’ll be caring for the kitten for an extended period of time, take advantage of the many online resources available regarding kitten care! The Kitten Lady has a wealth of information available about caring for kittens of all ages, friendly and feral.


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